The Reverend Tara Soughers

We are honored to introduce The Reverend Tara Soughers, who joined the Good Shepherd family as our Rector in August. Bringing over 30 years of devoted service as a Rector, Tara embodies the spirit of leadership and faith that resonates with our community.

Tara, alongside her husband Mike Dehn, who shared her academic journey at New Mexico Tech during their undergraduate years, has recently woven her life into the fabric of Silver City. They made a heartfelt commitment to our town by setting down roots with the purchase of a home here in July.

As the spiritual leader of Good Shepherd, Tara is at the helm of all our church services, offering guidance and support to our congregation. She is readily available to assist you with pastoral care, spiritual direction, or to answer any questions you may have about our faith community.

To schedule an appointment with Reverend Tara, please reach out to our Church Administrator, Nelly, via email at or by phone at (575) 538-2015.

We are grateful for the warmth and wisdom Reverend Tara brings to our church and look forward to the continued growth and enrichment of our spiritual journey under her guidance.