You can’t hear the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber or the stunning voices of the cast here in Silver City, but this sequence of photos can give you the feeling of the compelling performance that filled the church on Good Friday. More details and credits at the bottom of this page, but it’s worth noting right at the start that this was a gender- and age-neutral event. The young woman in blue is Judas.


The Jesus Christ Superstar Project was an ecumenical service of the Silver City United Church of Christ and the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd.  As well as the Good Friday event here, it was performed on Palm Sunday and on Easter elsewhere.

Musical Director — Bryce Wooton
Vocal Director — Gaye Rock
Accompanists — Jeanie Locicero
and Bryce Wooton
Producer —  Wendy Spurgeon


Jesus — Dustin Hamman
Judas — Keanna Huerta
Mary Magdalene — Wendy Spurgeon
Pilate — Doug Abbott
Herod — Bryce Wooton
Caiaphas — Ted Pressler
Annas — John Berry
Peter — Kimber Etheredge
Simon — Sherry Wooton
Chorus — Mika
and Gaye Rock

These photos were taken by Kelly Hart. If you were a performer or otherwise connected with the event and want a higher-resolution copy of one or more, please email website at and we’ll get back to you with a link, no charge.

What an event! I think we had the best time to see it, as it was plenty somber befitting Good Friday! — Rosana Hart, webmaster